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Finding Peace with Roberta Hughes

We often hear about self-care and it is definitely a buzzword right now. But there are many misconceptions about what self-care really is. Ultimately, self-care is a thing, even the small things, that bring you peace and joy. That’s why Roberta Hughes joins us today because the work she does with her clients is all about finding moments of peace and joy in their life so they can feel value and purpose.

Roberta Hughes is the Founder and lead instructor at PeaceFull Living, a boutique hybrid studio that conveys a delicate and personalized Peaceful Living instruction through customized Pilates, Meditation, and Yoga classes. Peaceful Living grants clients a way to filter out life’s pressures through a delicate and highly personalized approach. Its nurturing and customized approach guides clients who desire to change their relationship with stress.

In our conversation today, we discuss how to declutter our thoughts, how to find the meaningful things that bring us peace and joy, and we even talk about social media’s role in not being able to find that peace. Roberta shares her personal journey and how she was able to find her own way to living peacefully. Her tips and strategies help you build your own toolbox of self-care practices.

Show Notes:

  • [2:07] – Welcome to the show, Roberta! Roberta shares how she started on this path as a young mother and military wife.
  • [3:31] – We learn ways to manage stress, but life pulls us out of being peaceful often.
  • [4:39] – Once we become adults, we often put ourselves at the bottom of our list.
  • [6:30] – Roberta’s clients start with the problem of not having enough time for themselves.
  • [7:44] – Creating “white space” in your schedule is the first step to making time for yourself.
  • [9:01] – Self-care does not have to be a day at the spa.
  • [10:15] – What are some of Roberta’s self-care routines?
  • [13:17] – Stimulating the nervous system is a surprising way to practice self-care.
  • [15:40] – Roberta shares a hard decision she had to make that changed a lot of her thinking.
  • [17:07] – When she saw what was possible with attention and love, Roberta’s passion developed.
  • [19:22] – Find practices that you can rely on and build your toolbox when the risk is low.
  • [20:43] – Be intentional about what triggers you.
  • [21:51] – Healthy boundaries are highly recommended and vary per individual person.
  • [23:26] – The idea of putting ourselves first does not come naturally and you may need a support system.

Links and Resources:

PeaceFull Living Website

Roberta Hughes on Facebook

Roberta Hughes on Instagram










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