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About Women Worldwide

Share. Reflect. Discover.

On Women Worldwide, inspiring professionals share their journeys and reflect on experiences to help the audience discover and learn through their unique perspectives.

The guests who show up share generously, from their stories of hardship and success to the valuable insights they’ve learned; all from the heart and fueled by their purpose. 

These genuine and courageous personalities exemplify authenticity and vulnerability to guide others. Reflecting on the lessons learned, from navigating the roadblocks in business to different traumatic life challenges, these stories are life changing. 

Women Worldwide guests who discover their purpose can impart knowledge that’s grounded in unique perspectives, emotional strides, and unwavering perseverance. They offer actionable tips and helpful advice for listeners to uncover what fuels their passion and purpose too.  

Women Worldwide delivers a three-part formula for its audience: 

  • One part sharing through experiential learning.
  • One part reflection with genuine feelings expressed.
  • One part discovery to impart vast knowledge.

All three parts together create a show that’s a springboard to learning, growing, and fulfilling potential.

Connect with Deirdre by following @dbreakenridge on Twitter and on her blog at

Deirdre’s Books

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